Go to https://cloud.givebox.com and sign in with your Givebox user name and password.

You should now be on your Givebox Dashboard.  Click on Fundraisers in the left navigation.

Now you are on your Givebox Fundraiser page.  Please click on the publish icon as indicated by the icon circled below

We are now on the basic publishing information page.  Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab.

From the ‘Advanced’ tab, click on ‘Copy Code’ under the ‘Open the givebox directly on your website’.

Now, with the code copied, return to your WordPress admin page (in this example we are on the dashboard of the admin) and select ‘Pages’ or ‘Posts’ depending on where you want to add your Givebox (for this example we will be using ‘Pages’)

Select the page or post on which you want to add your Givebox (For this example we will be using ‘Sample Page’).

Now that you are on the page on which you want to add your Givebox, make sure to select the ‘Text’ tab so that it is showing the code.  Paste* the code you previously copied from your Givebox fundraiser into your code wherever you would like your button to show up (in this example we pasted the code in between two short paragraphs.  You can see it highlighted below in blue).

* (to paste on Windows press ctrl+v or right click mouse and select ‘paste’  for Apple press cmd+v or control + mouse click and select ‘paste’. )

After pasting the code, click on ‘Preview Changes’.

That’s it! Your Givebox should now appear when your page loads and when you close your Givebox, your button should appear where you placed it.  If all looks good, click on ‘Update’ and you’re finished!