While logged into Facebook, please open a new tab or window and go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps and click on Click “Register now” button.

Then Facebook will show you something like below. Please select 'Next' and then follow the steps provided by Facebook for creating your developers account:

After finishing the account creation you should be on the following screen. Please click on ‘Create New App’.

Next you will be on the following screen. Please give your App a Display Name. For example if you would like it to say Donate, type Donate in the Display Name field and then click 'Create App Id'.

You will then need to type the letter shown on the screen into the box for security check and click on Submit. This is to make sure you are a real person performing the app creation.

You will now be on the developers dashboard as seen below. Click on ‘Settings’ on the left navigation to expand the options and then select ‘Basic’.

You will now see the screen below. Click on ‘+ Add Platform’.

The following screen will now be displayed. Select ‘Page Tab’.

Now you will see your Page Tab settings page. Keep this page open and open a new browser tab or window and go to https://cloud.givebox.com

Sign in with your Givebox user name and password.

You should now be on your Givebox Dashboard. Click on Fundraisers in the left navigation.

Now you are on your Givebox Fundraiser page. Please click on the publish icon as indicated by the icon circled below.

We are now on the basic publishing information page. You will want to click on ‘Copy Embed URL’. This will copy the URL needed to your clipboard for use in the next step.

Return to the tab or window that you previous left open with the Facebook for developers Page Tab setting and in the ‘Page Tab Edit URL’, paste the URL copied in the previous step. To paste, you can either click ctrl+v on pc or cmd+v on mac or right click and select ‘Paste’. After you have pasted the URL, please select ‘Save Changes’.

Your screen should now looks something like below. Please click on ‘App Review’ in the left navigation.

Now you want to make your new Page Tab public so others can see it. Under ‘Make Donate public?’ (or this may vary if you chose a different name) select ‘Yes’ and confirm if asked to do so.

Congratulations! You’ve just created your new page. That being said though, now comes the most important step which must be followed very carefully so that you can display our new page now that you have it created.

Open another new tab or window and type or copy and paste the following URL into the address bar.

Do not hit enter yet as we need to change some of the URL above using information from your Facebook for developers settings page. Return to that tab or window and if you are not already on the settings page, click on settings > basic and this will return you there. From here, select and copy your App ID (see below).

Return to the new window you pasted the URL into and where it says ‘your-app-id’ , replace that with the App ID you copied in the previous step as show below.

Almost there!

Return to your Facebook for developers tab and scroll down a little (you should still be in the basic settings). In the ‘Page Tab’ section, copy your Secure Page Tab URL.

Return to the new window with the URL we are building and where it says ‘your-secure-url’ , replace that with the Secure Page Tab URL you copied in the previous step as show below.

Now that we have the URL built, you can hit enter and it should open up your Facebook account with a page to add your new page tab.  So now that you are on the Facebook ‘Add Page Tab’, click on the ‘Facebook Pages’ dropdown and select the page you want to display your new tab on and then click ‘Add Page Tab’.

You’re Done! That wasn’t too bad right? And best of all, those who want to support your cause can do so directly from your Facebook page now! :)