Frequently Asked Questions

Any nonprofit or individual?

Seamless signup for organizations with an active 501(c)(3) IRS registration status. Other organizations and individuals without 501c3 status can apply with GiveBox for tax deductible donations. Any individual can signup with GiveBox and immediately start a fundraiser for any purpose, with the benefit of offering your donors tax deductible donations.

Transaction Fees?

Donations and event transactions have an all-inclusive 2.9% and $0.29 transaction fee for donors or subscribers. GiveBox subscribers have the option of passing the fee onto the donor or covering the fee themselves. Should a donor give a donation to a sanctioned fundraiser, the entire total including the transaction fee is tax deductible.

Is this a free service?

GiveBox is a free service, simply signup and begin fundraising today. Should you have certain technological needs that you feel will be a strong foundation for successful fundraising, please Contact Us to discuss a plan that meets your needs.

What kind of support?

We are committed to your success so all of our products include full support. Simply Contact Us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

Is marketing included?

The GiveBox platform includes built-in social media marketing. We have customizable donation templates and unlimited email, text and social media blasts so you can send easily send and track all donor activity. Our Peer-to-Peer and Donation pages additionally offer the ability to record all email addresses from donors and either reference within your GiveBox Cloud account or download and use in any program of your choice.